APP iPad - Ban & Nanà, junglish adventures
Audiobook with educational games
Original story written for children in preschool age
Original Music, Composed by musicians and music therapists experts.
Application in Italian and English
Developed with software: PubCoder

Free App Download Link at the bottom of the page
Story of the first meeting between monkey Ban and snail Nana and how born their friendship.

I am an illustrator but in this project I dealt to organize a work team and to realize an app for ipad.
- Ardoq coding and gamification
- Simona Bursi illustrations
- Music and story of Sabrina Bursi

I made this application with PubCoder software. I am not a programmer and I have no coding experience. I chose this program because it allowed me to make an application without having to write a single line of code.

01 - Instructions / Language (Italian or English)
02 - Presentation of monkey Ban
       Game: Get Ban!

03 - Game hide and seek: find Ban friends.
04 - Find Ban's house

05 - Game hide and seek: find Ban
06 - Met Ban's Dad
07 - Met Ban's Mummy
08 - Met Ban's schoolmates
09 - The school bell is broken!
10 - Game: Help me fix it?

11 - Linguistic enhancement of the words: "come" and "go"
12 - Ban's emotions
13 - Something strange over there
14 - Wipe out the banana peel
15 - In a chilly and stormy night
       Game: activates the rain, thunder and lightning
16 - Game: the Nanà Puzzle
17 - Game: explore Nanà's Home

18 - Ban invites Nanà at home
       Game: free the way for Nanà

19 - Ban takes care of Nanà
20 - At Ban's Home
21 - Logic game: wash your hands...
... and wash Nanà
22 - Final Greetings
23 - Credits
For now the application only works on iPad
the application works both in Italian and in English

you can download the app for free at:
If you like this project please let me know
but if you did not like I'd be really grateful if you tell me the reasons
I would like to improve the project and your comments are very important.

Thanks for watching
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