Walk of Shame
a Kitesurf Short Story
this is a comic story created as a commentary on an article written by David Ingiosi for the  Kitesoul Magazine
here you can download a free copy of the magazine:
English version
Italian version
find us on page 134!

(for the images above I used a mock-up made by Wassim Awadallah,
thanks Wassim!)

I studied a composition that allows me to develop a 3-page, modular story.
The idea was a story that could be broken down and assembled for editorial needs, but also worked as a poster.

for the ideation I started first from very small sketches ...
second step: pencil drawings and layout in Photoshop
third step: collection of photographic documentation from the web
fourth step: drawing of pages directly in vector with illustrator
if you like it you can buy it here
fifth step: conception of a t-shirt composition

if you like it you can buy it here
thanks for watching

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