Witches who seduce, Witches who love
who confuse

Perché le Streghe?
Per me  le streghe rappresentano la libertà di essere se stesse, in una società di modelli precostituiti.
Perché sono esseri umani e in quanto tali  in balia dei sentimenti, avide di vita.
Why the Witches?
For me, Witches represent the freedom to be oneself, in a society of pre-established models.
Because they are human beings and as such at the mercy of feelings, greedy for life.
Trittico "Fine di un amore" - Triptych "End of a love"
(Ink and acrilic on canvas, total measurements 140x210 cm - 55,1x82,7 in.)in Vendita - For Sale

"Strega degli Abissi dei Ricordi" - " Witch of the Abyss of Memories "
(Ink and acrilic on canvas 140x80 cm - 55,1x31,5 inches)
Vendita - For Sale
A volte le storie finiscono, e può essere difficile accettarlo. La chiusura in se stessi può farci affondare nel torbidi abissi dell'anima in balia dei ricordi.
Sometimes the stories end, and it can be hard to accept. The closure in oneself can make us sink into the tormented abyss of the soul at the mercy of memories.
"Strega dell'Amore Finito" - "Finished Love Witch"
(Ink and acrilic on canvas 130x70 cm - 51,2x27,5 inches)
Vendita - For Sale
"Strega delle Nuove Possibilità" - "Witch of the New Possibilities"
(Ink and acrilic on canvas 130x70 cm - 51,2x27,5 inches)

Vendita - For Sale

"Strega dell'Amore malato" - "Sick Love Witch"
(Ink and acrilic on canvas 140x80 cm - 55,1x31,5 inches)
Vendita - For Sale
Perchè alcuni amori sono sinuosi come un manto di seta e letali come il veleno di un serpente dorato.
Perchè alcuni amori ti entreno sotto pelle.
Perché alcune vite hanno un solo battito.
Because some loves are sinuous like a silk mantle and lethal like the poison of a golden snake.
Because some loves get under your skin.
Because some lives have only one heart beat
"Strega Fluttuante n°1" - "Floating Witch # 1"
(Ink and acrilic on canvas 70x70 cm - 27,5x27,5 inches)

In Vendita, tutte e 4 le tele, anche separatamente
For Sale, all 4 canvases, also separately
Che differenza c'è tra il volare e il cadere?
A volte i sentimenti ci conducono come foglie nel vento.
I nostri pensieri si aggrovigliano come capelli nel vento.
Questo il senso di queste 4 opere.
Streghe che vivono nel turbine della vita.
Streghe fluttuanti nell'aria sottile dei sogni.
What is the difference between flying and falling?
Sometimes feelings lead us like leaves in the wind.
Our thoughts tangle like hair in the wind.
This is the meaning of these 4 works.
Witches who live in the whirlwind of life.
Witches floating in the thin air of dreams.
"Strega della Speranza" - "Hope Witch"
(Ink and acrilic on canvas 130x70 cm - 51,2x27,5 inches)
Vendita - For Sale
"Strega della Santità" - "Holiness Witch"
(Ink and acrilic on canvas 130x70 cm - 51,2x27,5 inches)

Vendita - For Sale
La vasca da bagno...
come il sarcofago dei peccati o l'abside delle virtu?
The bathtub...
like the sarcophagus of sins or the apse of the virtu?
"Strega del Fuoco" - "Fire Witch"
Acrylic on Canvas- (130x70 cm - 51,2x27,5 inches)
Vendita - For Sale
Cos'è che brucia di più, l'ira o l'amore di una strega?
Sii cauto con i sentimenti: se li riponi negli occhi sbagliati rischi di scottarti...
What is it that burns the most, the anger or the love of a witch? Be careful with feelings: if you put them in the wrong eyes you risk getting burned ...
"Venenum - II" - Lampshade (45x30 cm - 17,7x11,8 inch)
this is an experiment: I wanted to create a work of art on an everyday object.
I used the subject of a previous work
hand painted, acrylic paint and gold leaf.
Vendita - For Sale, if you are interested write me at: a.ardoq@gmail.com
ink and gold leaf on cardboard - (74x36 cm - 29,1x14,17 inch)
I love this painting, I can not part with it

"Strega delle Passioni" - "Passions Witch"
Acrylic on Canvas - (120x80 cm - 47,2x31,5 inch )
This belongs to my wife, the design looks a lot like her. I painted it before I met her, it was like a vision?
My wife is a lovely Witch.

Acrylic and gold leaf on Canvas- (130x70 cm - 51,2x27,5 inch)
At our wedding there were two witnesses, and they were two women. Or maybe two Witches ...
This belongs to my witness

"Strega del Desiderio" - "Witch of Desire"
Acrylic on Canvas - (130x70 cm - 51,2x27,5 inch)
... This belongs to my wife's witness

"Strega di Terra" - "Earth Witch"
Acrylic on Canvas- (130x70 cm - 51,2x27,5 inches)

Separating myself from this painting was very painful indeed. Sometimes I think it was a big mistake. Fortunately, she has found a caring tutor.
"Strega d'Acqua" - "Water Witch"
Acrylic on Canvas- (130x70 cm - 51,2x27,5 inches)
Do not trust the sea, following the whims of a Witch, you'll never know until she is your friend...
This, too, has found a new home

If you fell in love with one of these Witches and you would like her to be yours ...
Write me at: a.ardoq@gmail.com

thanks for watching

Thanks for Watching

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