This is a tribute to Witches: free women against the rules of obscurantism
01 - The Witch riding the lightning symbolizes the fast and unstoppable force of thought and will, breaking the darkness.
02 -Witches divided: when two related spirits are victim of mutual misunderstanding. Who is wrong and who is right? Who wins and who loses?
Feelings are the only game that uou win or you lose in couple.
03 - The Witch wearing poison, or lethal seduction
04 - The Mysterious flower of Love
05 - The Witch and curses of the mind: feeling fat is first of all a thought that starts from the brain, a thought that can crash you
06 - The Gracefull Witch combing the Stars
07 - The Witch who killed King Mida: can you filthy with gold? What would you be willing to do?
you may not be proud of it
(ink and gold leaf on paper)
08 - "Strega dei sentimenti perduti" - "Witch of the lost feelings"
09 - "Strega dell'Aria" - "Air Witch"
11 - "Strega della Notte Estiva" - "Witch of the Summer Night"
10 - "Strega della Musica" - "Witch of Music"
12 - "Strega dell'Amore Incatenante" - "Witch of Chained Love"
13 - "Strega dell'Amore Cerebrale" - "Witch of Brain Love"
14 - If you are a sailor the Witch of Clouds can make you lose the course ...

Some of these works will become paintings, if you are interested in a particular sketch, write to me at:
thanks for watching

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